Pistol Tactics Weekend - September 18 & 19, 2021 -

Pistol Tactics Weekend - September 18 & 19, 2021 -

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We've talked about it and now it's finally here!  Our two most in depth classes, back-to-back, in one weekend bundle!  Pistol Tactics 1 and Pistol Tactics 2 weekend, September 18th & 19th, will be the best weekend of firearms training anywhere in our area.  Not only that but this is training that would cost a minimum of $600 anywhere else in the country and we're offering it for half that price.  Get both days of training, (16 total hours of training on the range & 1,000 rounds of live fire) for only $300!  In addition to the savings, we stand by our curriculum and will offer a full, 100% tuition refund to any student who completes both classes and feels they received subpar training or feels we did not live up to our responsibility as instructors.  In other words, if our classes don't exceed your expectations, we'll give your money back, no questions asked.  

We know ammunition is expensive and that you're likely to have to pay $500 or more for 1,000 rounds.  That's one of the reasons we're offering the classes at a discounted rate and also why we're asking you to register in advance, so you can purchase ammo a little at a time, if necessary.  Our classes teach good guys how to fight with their pistols and more importantly, we teach mindset principles and tactics that will help you WIN a gunfight, should you find yourself in such a situation.  Remember, if you have 5,000 rounds of ammo stockpiled in your house and no idea how to properly use them in a fight, you're already behind the curve.  Bad guys spend their entire lives getting better at being bad guys.  What are you doing to better yourself and making yourself harder to kill?  Let 9&1 Tactical put you on a path to success, should you find yourself or a loved one in a life or death encounter. 

Each class will require approximately 500 rounds of FACTORY LOADED ammunition.  PT-1 is from 8AM-4PM on Saturday and PT-2 is from 1PM-9PM on Sunday.  That's right, PT-2 ends in a night fire where we teach you how to use a light in conjunction with your gun.  Both classes are conducted entirely on the range, so you'll need to pack a lunch for the range both days.

Please review our company guidelines, course overviews and recommended gear lists (located on this website) prior to registration for further information on what to expect from our classes and what you'll need to bring.  Space is limited and is first come first serve.  The training weekend will be capped at 12 students.

This training is available to anyone regardless of age as long as the participant has the maturity and adequate attention span to safely handle a firearm and to process real-world information which will be presented in a very forthright manner.  We are NOT a politically correct company.  We care about the lives of our students, not their feelings.  That said, we do not berate our students but we damn sure don't coddle them.  Every student is treated as an adult.  Remember, we're here to help you survive a deadly fight and if you think a bad guy will show you mercy, compassion or ask nicely for permission to kill you, you're in for a rude awakening.  A parent or legal guardian is required to be present on the range for the duration of the training of any student under the age of 18 at the time of class. 

A government issued permission slip or other prior training classes are no longer required to attend these classes but we do ask that all participants have some level of handgun experience, prior to showing up at the range.  Basically, as long as you've fired a handgun at least a few times in your life, you'll be just fine.

The 9&1 Range is located in Minden Louisiana, off Old Arcadia Road.  Upon registration, you'll receive a confirmation email with the address and specific directions to the range.


Following a thorough safety briefing and emergency medical plan, the following procedures, topics and drills will be covered in class:

  • Proper draw stroke (movement incorporated)
  • Proper handgun manipulations / operations
  • Fundamentals of pistol marksmanship
  • Stopping the human body
  • The “Wyatt” protocol (F.A.S.T.)
  • Stoppage clearing (type 1, type 2, & type 3)
  • Varied shooting positions
  • One hand shooting (strong hand & off hand)
  • Cover vs concealment and the proper use of each
  • Shooting on the move
  • Shooting from retention
  • Variation of Tueller drill
  • Covert ready position
  • Discussion on medical gear for personal carry / use and proper applications in the field... AND MORE!


Following a thorough safety briefing and emergency medical plan, the following procedures, topics and drills will be covered in class:

  • Brief review of proper draw stroke and weapon manipulations (“Wyatt protocol” F.A.S.T. incorporated)
  • Strong hand only draw stroke & shooting
  • Strong hand only weapon manipulations (reloads, stoppage clears, etc…)
  • Off hand only draw stroke & shooting
  • Off hand only weapon manipulations (reloads, stoppage clears, etc…)
  • Shooting from cover strong hand only & off hand only (varied shooting positions incorporated)
  • Shooting on the move strong hand & off hand only
  • Shooting with a partner
  • Downed partner evacuation (strong hand & off hand only shooting)
  • Discussion on proper use of white light for defensive purposes (identify, disorient & distract)
  • Using handheld lights in conjunction with handguns
  • Low light / night time shooting... AND MORE!!