Pistol Tactics-2 4/25/2020

Pistol Tactics-2 4/25/2020

Nine and One Tactical
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Pistol Tactics 2 (Limit 10)

April 25, 2020


Pick up right where Pistol Tactics 1 left off!  In this Advanced course, you'll learn how to draw and manipulate you weapon with one hand.  You'll clear malfunctions, perform reloads, shoot on the move and shoot from cover, strong hand only and support hand only.  You'll shoot in low light, shoot in no light, learn how to utilize a flashlight for defensive purposes and how to identify potential threats in poor lighting situations.  You'll leave the class far better prepared for the worst situations imaginable. 

  • PT-2 is considered “advanced” and anyone attending PT-2 MUST have a valid concealed carry permit from their state of residence OR be covered under LEOSA (Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act) as a commissioned or retired law enforcement officer in the United States, who has maintained their state’s firearm qualification standards.

***Students must have completed Pistol Tactics 1 withing one calendar year prior to attending Pistol Tactics 2.***

Instructor – Ryan Barnette 

Hours 0 -.5 – Safety Briefing

  1. Welcome
  2. Instructor introduction
  3. Student Introductions
  4. Medical Plan
  5. Universal Firearm Safety Rules
  6. Class Goals & Objectives
  7. Discussion of Survival Principles

Hours .5 – 2 - On the Range

  1. Begin Live Fire With “One Shot” Drills
  2. Add Assess and Scan
  3. “One Shot” Drills (one hand only)
  4. Continue With Varied “Dot” Drills and/or “Heart / Brain” Drills – Strong Hand and Off Hand
  5. Add Top-Off - Speed Reload

Hours 2 – 3.5 – On the Range

  1. One Handed Reloads (strong hand)
  2. One Handed Draw Stroke and Reloads (off hand)
  3. One Handed Malfunction Clearing, Types 1, 2, and 3 (strong hand only)
  4. One Handed Malfunction Clearing, Types 1, 2, and 3 (off hand only)

Hours 3.5 – 5 – On the Range

  1. Turning from Left and Right and “Covert Ready”
  2. One Hand From Cover (strong hand and off hand)
  3. Shooting Under Pressure / Sensory overload

Hours 5 – Dismissal – Night Fire - On the Range

  1. Brief low light / no light lecture
  2. Light on, see him – Light off move… Light on, shoot him – Light off move again
  3. Low light / No light shooting on the move (forward and backward)
  4. Low light / No light shooting and moving to cover and from cover