Intro to Weapons Craft - 4/13/2019

Intro to Weapons Craft - 4/13/2019

Nine and One Tactical
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April 6, 2019

Come join Nine and One Tactical at “Intro to Weapons Craft.”  This class is designed to familiarize students with the most common types of firearms they may encounter, to dispel any preconceived notions about the function and capability of certain guns and to set up students for success, by making them more confident and competent with a number of various firearms.  Remember, you may not always be fighting with your gun!  During this class, students will be allowed to shoot 10 – 15 different weapons, ranging from pistols, revolvers, shotguns and rifles, of several different action types and calibers, including striker fired pistols, AR-15’s, AK-47 variants, 1911’s, bolt action rifles, lever action rifles, pump action shotguns, semiautomatic shotguns, single action revolvers, double action revolvers and more!   This is a five hour curriculum and class space is limited to 20 students per class.  Tuition is $110 per student.  All guns and ammunition will be provided.  See the recommended gear list for what you need to bring.  This class is a basic class and is open to adults and children of all ages.  ***PARENTS / GUARDIANS – PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD IS MATURE ENOUGH TO PARTICIPATE IN A FIVE HOUR CLASS AND COMPETENT ENOUGH TO FOLLOW BASIC SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE REGISTERING THEM!  WE WILL REMOVE THEM AND YOU FROM THE CLASS FOR SAFETY VIOLATIONS OR CLASS DISRUPTIONS, WITHOUT A REFUND!***

Instructor – Ryan Barnette

HOUR 0 - 0.5

  • Welcome
  • Instructor / Student Introduction
  • Safety Briefing & Universal Firearm Safety Rules
  • Medical / Emergency Evacuation Plan

HOUR 0.5 – 1.5

  • Introduction to Firearms
  • Basic Explanation of different firearms and action types
  • Demonstration of Proper Handling, Loading and Operation of Various Weapon Types

HOUR 1.5 – 3 (LIVE FIRE)

  • Hands on Weapon familiarization (Unloaded Weapons)
  • Individual Student Weapon Firing (10-15 different weapons / 5-20 rounds each depending on capacity)

HOUR 3 – 4

  • Individual Student, Live Fire, “3 Gun” Style Course (Student Chooses Their Own Weapons From the Ones Used in Class – 1 Handgun, 1 Shotgun, 1 Rifle)

HOUR 4 – 5

  • Closing Statements and Discussion of the Importance of Continued Firearms Training and Education
  • Class Dismissal